A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Quickie: A Love Hotel Story
 is an adult management, dating simulation game that features and expands on all our characters from Quickie (short visual novel series).

Play as a young university student in his final year of study in Tokyo, Japan. Just before you graduate, you are struck with the knowledge that your family hotel run by your parents will be closing down. In a last attempt to keep it open, you take the reigns on managing the hotel... and turn it into a love hotel!

  • Multiple romantic options +  other characters to meet (with more to come!)
  • Many locations to explore in Tokyo!
  • Love hotel management game!
  • Fully animated h-scenes with partial voice acting!



QLHS_012p_Linux64.zip 305 MB
QLHS_012p_MacOSX.zip 295 MB
QLHS_012p_Windows32.zip 285 MB
QLHS_012p_Windows64.zip 287 MB

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This one was really cool but check out this hentai game. Just look at the graphics and sex scenes - they are AWESOME!

Check it out here (CLICK)

can't we play further without becoming a patreon?

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I really love it so far. The graphics are wonderful. When I can I will definitely become a patreon.

I just can't wait for the android port,since I dont have my laptop right now,I hope it will arrives soon

OMG, I love this game, I was waiting for it for so long, and I have tried the alpha build and it just beyond amazing, I was the fan of Oppai games for maybe 1 year, and I love all the games and the characters. And this new game A Love Hotel Story, it makes me feel so good and I am looking forward for the full version, thanks Oppai games developer, artist for everything, I will try to support you as much as I can 

Se puede apoyar este proyecto sin hacer uso de Patreon?

Lo siento. No. Solo con Patreon en este momento.
[ No, sorry. Only through Patreon at this time. ]


So, is this the stand-alone games combined into one with just an overworld, or is it more than that. Also, although I assume it isn't, does this version include all of the sex scenes?

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Q:LHS is a unique game, with it's own story, content and gameplay. It will just have familiar faces from our Quickie shorts :)
There are two available h-scenes in this public build, and one extra that is in the Patron build only (3 scenes total).

You can also play the public build in your browser here:
(Though, please note that the quality of the browser version will be lower than that of the desktop download)

sarah story please :D 

Amazing game, I'm very emotionated for a completed version!!!

is there a way to play this game on mobile?


Unfortunately, not currently. We've tried making an Android port recently, but the game isn't optimized for mobile. However, we may try again at a later date.

But will it arrives on android?