Quickie: A Love Hotel Story (V0.20.1p) UPDATE

The public release of Quickie: A Love Hotel Story (v0.20.1p) is now available!



  • Added glitter to Mai’s dress in her Heart 3 reveal.
  • Previously gifted items are now indicated in the gift menu. This won’t include disliked items from earlier saves.


  • Fixed inventory item space capping at 100.
  • Fixed bug when replying with "Sure" to Mai's Heart 3 phone call.


Mai Heart 3

Mai’s Heart 3 event is now available! When the Heart 3 event is available, you’ll get a phone call from Mai.

New Hotel Invites - Sara Hanami and Mai Hospital Rooms

Sara’s Hanami and Mai’s Hospital room Quickie Love Hotel Invites are now available! You can access this new invite from the Quickie Love Hotel’s Invite menu (make sure you have the Hanami room and Hospital room in your Hotel!).

Major Quickie Hotel Manager revamp

Massive changes have been made to the Quickie Hotel Manager. Main changes are specified below. (Note: Due to the amount of changes, we’ve removed the different guest types and delayed the opening of the Akihabara expansion)


  • Added Mai’s Heart 3 event (available after Toshiko’s Heart 2 event).
  • Added Sara Hanami and Mai Hospital room invites.
  • Added Sara Yukata costume (available in her Hanami room invite).
  • Added Mai Nurse costume (available in her Hospital room invite).
  • Toshiko’s Heart 3 event now requires Mai’s Heart 3 event to be complete.


  • New story locations: Roppongi mall.
  • Roppongi and Akihabara locations now unlock together when you have at least 3 hotel stars. (This won’t affect those who have already unlocked them)
  • Roppongi hotel must be bought to unlock. (This won’t affect those who have already unlocked it)
  • Mai’s hotel invites now unlock after her Heart 3 event (was previously after Heart 2).
  • Updated the map screen to show how many hotel stars you need to unlock locations if required.
  • Added a loading bar when starting a new game or continuing from a previous save.
  • Inventory now shows item count (instead of showing duplicate items).
  • Updated save file from version 11 to 12.


  • Major Quickie Hotel Manager UI overhaul.
  • New hotel room: Hanami room.
  • Changed the hotel star rating system to focus on goals.
  • Extended each floor by two tiles.
  • Added a reward at the end of every shift depending on how well you did.
  • Services have been completely revamped. Two major services explained below.
  • Added Ticket Machine service that spawns guests and automatically places them in rooms (if the requested room is available).
  • Added Janitor service that automatically cleans dirty rooms when available.
  • Guests can now request any or specific room type. Guests can only be placed in the requested room type.
  • Added items. Items can be bought and used on a room with an item slot, giving the room a buff.
  • Added hotel tile buffs. Rooms placed on these tiles will receive the buff.
  • Hotel now shows all available floors.
  • Rooms now have three core stats: Booking Fee (hotel money received when placing a guest in a room), Daily Earnings (hotel money gained at the end of the day) and Tips (personal money to be used outside of the hotel).
  • Rooms can now be moved.
  • Re-added passive income at the end of each day.
  • Hotel now has its own currency. Anything hotel specific now requires this currency.
  • Added more audio feedback.


  • Fixed “Run in background” option not saving state.
  • Reworked audio system to allow for smoother audio transitions during cutscenes.



QLHS_0201p_Android.apk 361 MB
Apr 09, 2021
QLHS_0201p_Linux.zip 464 MB
Apr 09, 2021
QLHS_0201p_Windows32.zip 434 MB
Apr 09, 2021
QLHS_0201p_Windows64.zip 436 MB
Apr 09, 2021
QLHS_0201p_Mac.zip 417 MB
Apr 09, 2021

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