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man, i need to get a better pc/laptop. my 6-7 year old thinkpad drops the framerate like hell when i play this.


Game crashes everytime i try to build rooms for hotel.


Im gonna say that this porn game is one of the best I've play, the hotel, the character, everything of this is great. I have a questions that I would like you answer:

1: When the game is complete, when will be the release date to play the full game? 

2: I have to install all the updates or only the one that is more complete? for example the v.16. 

They are only two i would like them to answer, sorry for my bad enligsh. im very excited to play the game! best regards. 


Hi there,

Thanks for your kind words! We're happy your enjoyed the game :)

1. We don't have a confirmed release date yet, but we are hoping to have the game ready for release some time in 2022.

2. You will only need to download the latest/more complete build. (e.g. right now, that is v0.16.1)

Hope that answers your questions okay! 

And your English is good :)

¡Thank you very much for the goods answers!


This is an AWESOME game.It's the best hentai game i have ever played and i like this game a lot.Please keep going like this and i hope there is a lot more content ahead.And this game is very enjoyable and i can't wait to play ahead with more content.I hope u guys will release the next update with more interesting things.And i hope u guys will release more games like this in future.


Excellent game. The one note that I have for development is to tighten up the dialog. There are a LOT of time you have to click through the character's dialog that "...", and with the 3D models that slows the dialog down a lot. Also, try to cut down on the number of super short pieces of click through dialog for the same reason.

"Well...." click "We could..." click "Go blah blah blah."
should just be
"Well...We could...Go blah blah blah" click

The same effect in dialog is achieved without slowing down the pacing to an absolute crawl.


ok, this is the best hentai game I´ve ever played by far

Hello good, the first thing I am going to say that I loved the game is very entertaining, especially the part of the hotel, the other thing I was going to say is if there is a possibility that in the future it will have other languages such as Spanish or Portuguese or something of  that?

Hi there,

We're glad you enjoyed the game!

We do plan on translating the game into multiple languages (including Spanish and Portuguese) in the future.

However, as the content is still being created and prone to being changed, we have yet to figure out the best time to add translations.

We will be sure to make an announcement when we that day comes! :)

Hope this helps!

Deleted 1 year ago
This may be the best dating simulator ever made, please if there is any chance to put this game on Steam, put it, I'll pay whatever

Hi there,

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed the game :)

We do intend to put Quickie: A Love Hotel Story on Steam in the future! Though, it may be some time before you'll see us there.

Wow! What a wonderful new. I don't mind waiting, when it takes longer, more work on the game. When they put the sale on, they'll already have my money guaranteed. Good luck with the project, i will be supporting as i can <3

Hi! Just had a go at the game for the very first time and I'd like to say it was a very fun experience! The hotel management section is arguably the most enjoyable part, but the rest of the game is also very well fleshed out. Thanks for the great game and looking forward to many more updates! ^_^

Thank you! We're happy to hear you liked the game!

We hope you'll enjoy all our future updates as well :)


The love hotel game portion is far too easy.  I had to work at getting more than 5 people in the hotel at the same time.  And since the cleaning is short enough there is no point in having more than 7 rooms.  

This is if you don't care about tips.

There are a few ways to fix this and make the active powers relevent.  

Route 1) Make the in room timer and the willing to wait timers longer by the same proportional amount.  If you don't make the wait timers longer then the coffee boost won't be good worth it.  At the moment the whole room coffee power is worse than the single coffee power that you start with.

Route 2) increase the rate that the people enter the lobby.  This will make the cleaning and finish faster powers relevent.

Route 3) is a combination of  1 and 2.

TLDR: before version 1.0 the timers in the hotel minigame need to be adjusted to make this portion of the game engaging.

Hi there,

Changes to the hotel management game will be an ongoing process and we plan to make more adjustments overtime in future builds.

And thank for you for the well thought out feedback! We appreciate it :)

what's the difference between the windows 32 download and the 64? because honestly i have no idea


Hi there,

It's depends on what version of Windows and the CPU you have installed.

But you can find out with the instructions below:

Windows 10 and Windows 8.1

  1. Select the Start  button, then select Settings > System > About .
  2. At the right, under Device specifications, see System type.

Windows 7

  1. Select the Start button , right-click Computer, and then select Properties.
  2. Under System, see the system type.

Hope this helps!

im on windows 10 with a 64 bit OS and x64 based processor and have played both types (had something like this before and thought it was a difference in graphics hence my confusion as i never saw a difference )


The difference between32 and 64 bit is about the system you use to play the game. The (very) old systems only can run the 32-bit version, the 64-bit version is suitable for the pc's built in the last decade at least.

Often newer systems have support for 32-bit programs but.. it is just better to stick to 64-bit if your systems supports it.

It is not related to graphics (quality) but relates to the instruction set of your processor and the amount of supported memory..

Hey I tried downloading the android version but half way through that download stopped and said forbidden. Anyone else have this problem?

how ill download the update? :c

Hi there,

You can download the updated build in the 'Download' section above these comments.


Hello! I was surprised at the high quality game! I want to learn English with this!
From Rikudo Sennin

does the game auto update or do i need to manually download updates as they come out?

Hi there,

You will need to download each new update, but your save should automatically move over. 

Alternatively, you can use the manual save option in the main menu to also move your save.

Hope this helps!

Plan to Android Ported?? I no have Pc.. :'(


hi do you plan to make this available on steam?

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Hi there,  

Yes we do!

It may be some time before we appear on Steam, but that is the goal :)


Awesome! looking forward to the release i hope there will be more places to visit and more girls to romance if that's in your plan great game btw really got me hooked

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Are there no plans for an android release?

Hi there,

We will be wanting to add an android release in the future, but as we haven't tested for it yet, we won't be at this time (and don't know when we'll be able to spend time on this addtion).

However, we will make an announcement when this build is finally added :)



Thank you! 

I'm glad to know that there will be hope for the futute but as of now I'll play it on pc and I'm looking forward to it ;)

More or less when will we have the option to change the language?

By the way, very good game.


Hi there,

Unfortunately, we don't know when we will be adding other languages :(
As the content is still being created and prone to being changed, we have yet to figure out the best time to add translations.

We will be sure to update everyone when we have made a decision concerning the other languages.


Hello, I just finished your game and really enjoyed it.  As one of the other comments mentioned the 3D art seems a bit lackluster compared to the striking and cartoonish style of the 2D art. I also realised (maybe it's in development so I don't know.) that there isn't much incentive for the player to keep going back and managing the hotel other than when none of the girls are available. If there was something like rent/deadline it may be a more significant element of the game.

Looking forward to future updates! Keep up the good work.

How can I put the game in Spanish?
In options the button to change the language appears but I cannot press it.


Hi Elnarigon,

Sorry, we don't have official translations at this time. That menu is there for future implementation of the languages, hence all languages except English, is in grey.

Sorry about the confusion!

Deleted 3 years ago


Saving happens automatically at the end of each day in the game, is this not happening for you?

You can also export your save in the main menu.

Deleted 3 years ago

I think im stuck. I cant progress through and when i made a new save i found a loophole back to where i was on my first save. Can you please help?

Nevermind. I didn't see the soccer field lmao. Great game btw


Tonight on Dat Shorts we hit the streets of Japan to check out A Love Hotel in need of help.

I'm kinda curious, this has a dating sim/persona feel to it, but it lacks something both have: Stats. I was wondering if social stats were in the works of being added because I think it would give the player other things they can do during the day than talk to girl or manage hotel then go to sleep. It would also just go really well with the fact they go to the university as it makes it so it shows you are going to your classes and you're benefiting from it. Stats could help your grow faster with certain girls too and maybe even some could help with hotel stuff.


Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback!

Initially when designing the game, we did have personality stats in mind with mini-games to help progress those stats. And those stats affecting your hotel progress and interactions with the girls also.

However, as we delved further into development, we became concerned with how big of a scope the addition of stats/mini-games created. So to save on development time, and to prioritise the work done on the hotel mini-game and progression with the girls, we decided to remove the stat and mini-game features.

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the artstyle reminds me of another game

over all think good but kinda wish 3d stuff wasn't there the 2d art looks way better


The 2d does look better, but I kinda like the 3d art it's nostalgic of Persona 4 and 5 (prolly more 4 since I think 5's 3d is better) which seems to be an inspiration in part so it does well on that. To each their own.

How to play the new ver with old save? Please help.

Saves from previous builds should automatically move over. If the data was erased in anyway, then the save would be lost unfortunately.

We will be looking into exporting saves in the future, but as the gameplay is still going over some major changes, this export system won't be put in place until those changes are made.

hello, the game is not launching on my pc, it says that this app is making my pc in danger

how could i resolve the problem?

There's a possibillity that the game will have a Android port version???

Unfortunately, not currently. We've tried making an Android port recently, but the game isn't optimized for mobile. However, we may try again at a later date.

can't we play further without becoming a patreon?

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I really love it so far. The graphics are wonderful. When I can I will definitely become a patreon.

I just can't wait for the android port,since I dont have my laptop right now,I hope it will arrives soon

OMG, I love this game, I was waiting for it for so long, and I have tried the alpha build and it just beyond amazing, I was the fan of Oppai games for maybe 1 year, and I love all the games and the characters. And this new game A Love Hotel Story, it makes me feel so good and I am looking forward for the full version, thanks Oppai games developer, artist for everything, I will try to support you as much as I can 

Se puede apoyar este proyecto sin hacer uso de Patreon?

Lo siento. No. Solo con Patreon en este momento.
[ No, sorry. Only through Patreon at this time. ]


So, is this the stand-alone games combined into one with just an overworld, or is it more than that. Also, although I assume it isn't, does this version include all of the sex scenes?

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Q:LHS is a unique game, with it's own story, content and gameplay. It will just have familiar faces from our Quickie shorts :)
There are two available h-scenes in this public build, and one extra that is in the Patron build only (3 scenes total).

You can also play the public build in your browser here:
(Though, please note that the quality of the browser version will be lower than that of the desktop download)

sarah story please :D 

Amazing game, I'm very emotionated for a completed version!!!

is there a way to play this game on mobile?


Unfortunately, not currently. We've tried making an Android port recently, but the game isn't optimized for mobile. However, we may try again at a later date.

But will it arrives on android?

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