Quickie: A Love Hotel Story (V0.24.4p) FINAL DEMO UPDATE

This will be the final demo update!

We'll no longer be posting public builds for the foreseeable future.
If you'd like to continue playing Quickie: A Love Hotel Story, please consider buying it on Steam.

NOTE: Due to the amount of core changes this build, older saves will not work. We highly recommend playing from the start to view the new hangouts (use the skip button if you want to speed through it), but if you'd like to skip the content, below are some options:

    Attached to this Patreon post is a save file. Download and place this save file in the app's data folder.
    • For Windows users, this folder is located at: C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Oppai Games\Quickie_ A Love Hotel Story. You should now have access to a new save at slot 15 in-game.
    • For Mac users, you'll need to paste the save slot file inside:  ~/Library/Application Support/com.OppaiGames.QuickieALoveHotelStory
    • For Android users, the save files are stored here: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.OppaiGames.QuickieALoveHotelStory/files
  • HOTEL MONEY CHEAT Secondly, we've included a small hotel money cheat making it easier for returning players. To unlock this cheat, open the Pause menu in-game (button in the bottom-left corner) and open the Tutorials menu 3 times. You should hear a sound effect when done correctly to notify you that the cheat was successful.



  • Part-time jobs

Part-time jobs are now available, with the first being Ramen-san (My Whiskey’s job will be introduced in v0.24.1). Each part-time job has it’s own mini-game, rewarding the player with heart progress towards a love interest and money.

  • New Hangouts and Hangout changes

Four new Hangouts have been added (Satomi, Sara, Mai and Toshiko). Hangouts are now required to be played before the next heart event if a Hangout is available.

  • Massive UI and Quality of life improvements

A big UI overhaul has been done in preparation for the Steam release. A lot of Quality of life improvements have also been made, specifically during the intro (which now lasts the first in-game week and contains a number of tutorials).

  • Time change

There is now only one time slot per day. We found this felt best during our playthroughs, making the game progress at a much nicer pace. Further time changes may occur in future builds as we try to finalize the game’s length.


  • Fixed instance where you can apply to the same job twice.
  • Fixed missing Family room blueprint if you skip intro.
  • Fixed Gachapon rewarding a blueprint twice.
  • Fixed a number of spelling errors.
  • Fixed softlock when backing out of a gallery scene.


  • Added: Four new Hangouts: Satomi (Ueno Park), Sara (Ueno Park), Mai (Ueno Park) and Toshiko (Library).
  • Added: New CG in Satomi’s Maid & Master invite.
  • Updated Reika’s busts.
  • The game’s introduction has been reworked.


  • UI Overhaul.
  • Added: Aria’s new voice lines.
  • Added: Part-time job mini-games.
  • Added: Gachapon machines.
  • Added: Save slots. Keep multiple saves (up to 15).
  • Afternoon and Evening time slots have now been combined.
  • You can now replay Gallery scene moments from the Gallery menu.
  • Changes to when some love interests become available.
  • Changes to heart progression for multiple love interests.
  • More rooms require Blueprints to unlock.
  • Changes made to audio volume balance.
  • Added Chinese Simplified and Traditional translations.
  • Added more opportunities to read blueprints.
  • Seasons are now 5 weeks long (instead of 4).
  • Adjusted Quickie Love Hotel star goal requirements to be less grindy.
  • Quickie Love Hotels now start with 4 default rooms.
  • Updated Quickie Love Hotel guests.
  • Updated background character’s walk animation.
  • Adjusted volume of most audio.


  • Invite menu has been removed from QHM. You now have to talk to love interests directly to invite them.
  • Added: QHM tutorial.
  • Added: Saturday bonus.
  • Time now passes straight after completing a shift.



QLHS_0244p_Android.apk 550 MB
Jan 04, 2022
QLHS_0244p_Linux.zip 778 MB
Jan 04, 2022
QLHS_0244p_Mac.zip 766 MB
Jan 04, 2022
QLHS_0244p_Windows32.zip 748 MB
Jan 04, 2022
QLHS_0244p_Windows64.zip 751 MB
Jan 04, 2022

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Why there's missing room's in MHM the beach and gym??

Will we have access to patreon exclusive scenes if we buy it on steam?

Yes, you will! :D


I think providing this on other platforms for purchase would be a great idea. Especially for those who have it blocked on their countries. Just a suggestion.


We'll be making Quickie: A Love Hotel Story available on Itch.io once fully completed (estimated to be  Q4 2022 / Q1 2023 ).

Apologies for the inconvenience and wait! 


Would it be possible to also provide the for-sale version here on itch? I'd love to support the game with a purchase, but unfortunately steam blocks the sale of adult only games in my country.

Thank you for wanting to support us! :)

We'll be making Quickie: A Love Hotel Story available on Itch.io once fully completed (estimated to be  Q4 2022 / Q1 2023 ).

Apologies for the inconvenience and wait! 

Alright, guess I best get ready for waiting then. 

Thanks for the reply! 

(1 edit) (+2)

So i assume no more android then, if your making it only on steam? Thats a shame

We'll be making Quickie: A Love Hotel Story available on Itch.io once fully completed (estimated to be  Q4 2022 / Q1 2023 ).

As for Android build, we will make a decision at the time if it will be a platform we'll try to make available. As the game is getting bigger, it's becoming much harder to optimize for and we only want to provide the option if we can comfortably give a working version.

We do however, still provide an untested/unoptimized Android build on our Patreon.

Hope this helps!

thank you for the reply, thats understandable as its a lot of work, will have to support on patreon when im able to,  have a good day.


Please add the paid version to here.

We'll be making Quickie: A Love Hotel Story available on Itch.io once fully completed (estimated to be  Q4 2022 / Q1 2023 ).

Apologies for the inconvenience and wait!