Quickie: A Love Hotel Story (V0.22.1p) UPDATE

The public release of Quickie: A Love Hotel Story (v0.22.1p) is now available!


New Quickie Girl: Victoria

Victoria’s Heart 1 event is now available! Victoria’s event can be triggered in Shibuya (new location!) by entering the Onsen during the evening.

New Hotel Invite: Satomi Glory H*le Room

Satomi Glory H*le room Quickie Love Hotel Invite is now available! You can access this new invite from the Quickie Love Hotel’s Invite menu (make sure you have the Glory H*le room in your Hotel!).

New Location: Shibuya

Shibuya is now available! You can unlock Shibuya after earning 12 hotel stars.


  • Added Victoria’s Heart 1 event (available in Shibuya).
  • Added Satomi Glory H*le room invite (patron only).


  • New location: Shibuya.
  • New story location: Onsen.
  • Shibuya can be unlocked after earning 12 hotel stars.
  • Very minor tweaks/improvements to earlier Heart scenes.
  • Updated the new game save.


  • New hotel room: Glory H*le room.
  • New hotel: Harajuku.


  • Fixed a number of minor bugs.
  • Fixed map’s background disappearing.
  • Fixed typo in Laura’s Dungeon room invite.
  • Fixed loading progress bar not showing correctly on Android.



QLHS_0221p_Android.apk 427 MB
Sep 02, 2021
QLHS_0221p_Linux.zip 546 MB
Sep 02, 2021
QLHS_0221p_Mac.zip 532 MB
Sep 02, 2021
QLHS_0221p_Windows32.zip 516 MB
Sep 02, 2021
QLHS_0221p_Windows64.zip 518 MB
Sep 02, 2021

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Disappointed with Victoria. She doesn't looks beautiful at all. It would be better if Quickie: Victoria face comes. Disappointed with Victoria because of her angry face. 

She looks like she is angry and not in the mood to talk about anything. But Original Victoria was happy with no matter what happened in Quickie Victoria. 

It will be better if Victoria's Face is replaced with original one.  Also, you don't get a option of Quickie Love Hotel in one of the locations where Aria is found. 

It will be also good that Kumiko & Maki gets their Quickie's & Story in this game.