Quickie: A Love Hotel Story is officially on Steam!


It’s priced at $19.99 USD, but you can get 10% during our launch discount for the next week! ($17.99 USD)

You can also view the WINNERS of our giveaway here: https://gleam.io/DEfNW/win-quickie-a-love-hotel-story-on-steam

Get Quickie: A Love Hotel Story (PUBLIC DEMO V0.24.4p)


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I've got the premium edition from a few months back, is there anything that the steam version is offering that's different from the version I've got? 🙂

If the last version you played was v0.22, there has been a big overhaul overall with the UI, including added manual saves. These are probably the most notable new things in the current Steam build:
- 1x New hotel invite with Mai and Professor Belmont (Threesome)
- 4x New hangouts with Sara, Toshiko, Satomi and Mai
- New part-time job mini-game in Ramen-san.
- New hotel guest animation.