GIVEAWAY + Coming to Steam December 17th!

Hey All!

As some of you may already know, having Quickie: A Love Hotel Story on Steam has been a long term goal of ours from the start of it's development... We're finally excited to announce that Quickie: A Love Hotel Story will be available on Steam Early Access this Friday, 17th of December PST!

Quickie: A Love Hotel Story on Steam will be a one off purchase of $19.99 USD (but there will be a release discount for those who get in early!). The Steam version includes Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud saves and will get all future build updates for no extra cost!


We're also hosting a Steam key competition, with 10 free Steam keys up for grabs! You can enter the competition here. Simply follow the instructions to add entries to the pool and increase your chances!


We will have more info about public builds / demos in the coming days!

Thank you so much!

Get Quickie: A Love Hotel Story (PUBLIC DEMO V0.24.4p)


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It seems it is region-locked on Steam, at least for Germany it says that game is not available for that region, so no way to subscribe/wishlist this from here :(

Yes, sorry! Unfortunately Germany has some recent laws implemented that has blocked the NSFW side of Steam.
We will be looking into other options in the future (possibly to address these issues.

Please do I can get it on steam, but I much rather own it here.  I also know that Germany is not the only country locked. 


I would but I don't want my Steam friends that know I am sad and lonely to know I am sad and lonely.

Wow, that hit me in the soul.