Quickie: A Love Hotel Story (V0.15p) UPDATE

The public release of Quickie: A Love Hotel Story (v0.15p) is now available!


Professor Belmont Heart 2, 2.5 and 3 Events

New Professor Belmont Hearts are now available! You can trigger Heart 2 by attending class again, Heart 2.5 by talking to a new character in Shinjuku and Heart 3 by talking to Professor Belmont in Shujin after receiving a text from her (which will be received a few days after Heart 2.5 is complete). 

After completing Heart 3, Professor Belmont’s Quickie Love Hotel Invites will be unlocked!  

New Hotel Invite - Satomi Beach Room (Premium only)

Satomi’s Beach room Quickie Love Hotel Invite is now available! You can access this new invite from the Quickie Love Hotel’s Invite menu (make sure you have the new Beach room in your Hotel!).   

New Feature - Fast Travel

Fast travel is now available from the map. Hopefully this will help people who may have been a bit confused on where things were around the map.  


  • Added Professor Belmont’s Heart 2, 2.5 and 3 events.
  • Added Professor Belmont’s Emperor room invite.
  • Added Satomi’s Beach room invite (Premium only).
  • Added new character: Maki


  • New environment (currently only usable during Professor Belmont’s events): La Rochelle
  • Fast travel added!
  • Quest locations are now shown on the map (currently used for one of Professor Belmont’s events)


  • Added new rooms: Dojo and Beach.
  • Reduced “Paid Advertising” and “Social Media King” popularity boost to 5 (from 10).
  • Detention room now has similar stats to Library and Sports rooms.


  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t clear saves completely.
  • Fixed a number of typos.




Linux.zip 288 MB
May 08, 2020
MacOSX.zip 275 MB
May 08, 2020
Windows32.zip 264 MB
May 08, 2020
Windows64.zip 267 MB
May 08, 2020

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I finished Heart 2.5 of Prof Belmont but get no text from her. I can't see Heart 3 of her anywhere on the map.

Professor Belmont's Heart 3 is not available immediately after speaking to Maki. You'll need to wait a couple days in-game for it to become available.

why can't I download this ?

(1 edit)

Make sure you are using the download links available here: https://oppaigames.itch.io/quickie-love-hotel-story#download