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Will patreon scenes be released with the final version of the game?

Yes! The final release will include all content :)

Hello! I have a question, how do I advance? I have no more hints with any girls and all the hangouts are WIP. Haven't found a single gallerry scene yet.

Hi there,

What heart/s are you up to for each girl?


Same with me, also.

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Hi 👋 there after completing summer time saga I saw the review of this game on YouTube and chrome so I just downloaded it and this is the second game that is awesome and you guys know what I want to say 😄 so I downloaded it on my android device but seem it's not well optimize for androids it lags a lot on my Nougat 7.0 4gb ram Redmi note 4. Graphics and rendering quality is not polished plz improve gaming performance for android device. It's lagging like hell ruining the complete experience to play it plz developers fix it. I am sry for using any false language or words in comments and I also uploaded some pics from my android device gameplay I thought so it might be helpful to you guys. Thanking you 😊😅 


I really like the game's style but I'm a Lesbian. Is there any chance in the future for a lesbian version of this and the story?

Hi there,

Glad you like the style!

We're currently only focussing on the male protagonist at this time. We are open to adding a female protagonist, but it would be something we would only consider once the main game is completed.



Tldr: Like the game, Akihabara is locked again can not help Toshiko with job.

Really like the game, however I have a problem regarding the Toshiko story.
I have unlocked Akihabara, met Toshiko and she has called me. When I open the map Akihabara has become locked again, so I can not go to Akihabara. I have tried in the afternoon and evening and slept one day and tried it again.

Hope the feedback helps you!

Hi there,

Glad to hear you like the game, but sorry you've run into this bug! :(

We do have some questions about your playthrough:
1.  Which build are you playing? (it will show build number in main menu just below the title)
2. Is this your first play-through of the game (i.e. no previous saves)?
3. What Toshiko Heart did you last play? 
4. Is Roppongi also locked?



1. 0.19.2
2. Yes
3. First heart and then she called me nothing else
4. No, Roppongi is open.

Extra information, I play on windows 10 desktop.
For the following characters it says "Next heart is still in development"

Toshiko is the last character I've unlocked and had at that point got all other characters to "next heart is still in development".
I've not unlocked any other characters except the already mentioned.

Hope it helps you, just contact me if you need more information.

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the reply! The answers will definitely help us :)

We're finding it a little hard to replicate this bug, so please bear with our somewhat specific or repetitive questions :P

1. Did you play the game in one sitting?
2. Did you play a New Game or skip to new content?




No problem just happy to help and happilt surprised that you replied so quickly.

1. In one day, yes. In one sitting, no. So it was not running on my computer uninterrupted.
2. New game, if I have skipped any content it is completely by accident.

Feedback unrelated to the bug: I feel like it would be nice to be able to reoganize the room layout in the hotels to make it possible to group rooms of a single type together. Perhaps this is a conscious choice from your behalf just wanted to mention it.

Just contact me again if you have any further questions! :)

Nice artstyle

what are the requirements to play this game on android?

style and art is insanely good, the story is actually well written, and the game mechanics are fun. what else can you ask for?

hey i've been meaning to play your other games that are available in your website, but its seems i can only play with flash on my computer. considering flash got terminated, is there other ways to play/download the previous quickie games for PC ??? sorry for bothering


We recommend playing our Quickie short novels on Newgrounds to play in your browser. They have their own player to replace the Flash player that we have found works fairly well so far.

We may look into adding an option to download the SWF files from our website in the future. You should then be able to use the Adobe Flash Projector (Windows and Mac) to play the SWF files :)

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😊😊 Am Eagarly Waiting for the Update.. You guys Are Awesome.... you are also distributing the game for freeeeee.... thanks... but When will You Update this game??


I'm just a few minutes into playing and holy cow! The style and art is amazing! I really like the aesthetics! :3

when is this game getting updated?

Hi there,

Version 0.19.1 was released for Patrons earlier this month and we are close to a public release.

There is something we are working on before we can release the public build, but it should be expected sometime next week. Sorry for the delay!



Dont apologize lol, ur making a game for free, take ur time

I'm having a problem on PC, when I unlock the new hotel, after I go out to choose a place, it just shows a blank white screen and nothing happens anymore and I can't play further :(

So, I'm having a problem it seems it won't run my phone which is Android 7. Any help OP? Whenever i press start or play game it's only black screen of nothingness for straight 2-5 minute's.

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One of the best visual novel games I have ever played in a while, you really get locked into the story and when you start the game you can't resist from finishing it. I hope they will be more updates and more games like this in the future. 

So when I start it everything is fine, when I exit the game for a little and go back on the places I was able to go to are locked and I can't go t them anymore.

Hi there,

We have added a fix into the latest update (v0.19.2) that should hopefully solve this issue.

Please let us know if you are still encountering this problem so that we can look into the issue further.


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Glad this is available in android because my laptop's specs is pretty old, like, it only has 512mb of ram... Imma try this tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it :)

You guys are awesome! I've been following this for awhile and with each update it really feels like you guys read all the player feedback. While not a stat system  (though I still think one would be great) the service perks thing adds a little depth and progression in a similar vein.  Also it's probably just coincidence, but I commented previously about really wanting to see Toshiko and as of this review she's been added! Keep up the good work, it really makes this game stand out from others of this genre.

How do you save your game? I can't seem to locate it anywhere

You can't.. the game is saved automagically at the end of each day and the start of your last day is the point of return.

As mentioned, the game automatically saves after each day.

Alternatively though, there is an import/export save in the main menu where you can import/export your save codes.

Hope this helps!



I'm usually really picky about dating games, but I like the writing in this one a lot, and the art is very pretty. Also, nice attention with the stretch marks and little belly on Mai!


When I invite Satomi to beach room, after answering her questions, I'm getting black screen and nothing happen? It's old save fault?


Thanks for letting us know! We'll get this fixed asap :)


The scene should be fixed now :)


Glad I was able to help.

BTW: great game! :)

How do I update my desktop version of the game? I have public version 14, but it won't update to 17. Do I have to keep redownloading the game for each update?


Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply!

Yes, you'll need to download each new build with each release.


new Update coming soon?


Yes, there will be an update for Patrons at the end of this month (a few days away). A public build will be released here roughly a week after the Patron build releases.


Congratulations very good game!


The fully animated porn scenes are so good. The one where you tie your teacher's hands and gag her mouth with pillow cases and fuck her made me lose my mind. 🥵👅


Wait? I thought Reika was supposed to be the MC's sister or something?

Nope just a friend


in his/her other games, Reika is the MC's sister. Anyway, are you the game's developer?

saying how she has different parents in the game, and is referred to as a friend and never a sister,  seems like a good amount of evidence to say that she isn't a sister.


Lol, I obviously noticed that too. I was just wondering why it was changed but the other women's backgrounds were not. Seems like the developer has some reason for it.

Sorry for the delayed reply!

Back in 2018, Patreon updated their guidelines which didn't allow incest, so we changed Reika's previous backstory. You can read our official post about it here:


That's the best adult game I have ever play! I spent all this afternoon and complete the 0.17version.  Since I knew this series years ago, I always wait for the update of the flash games until the love hotel was published. Now I hope you can update the game into complete version as quick as possible, I can't wait to meet all 8 girls in the love hotel! I'll support you on the Patreon.Thank you so much!


Please tell me if the game is updated!

I think after played this series I can have many gf, too. (joke)

Thank you for the support and we're glad you like the game!

There will be a Patron release at the end of this month (in a few days) and then a public release roughly a week after :)


such a fantastic visual novel one of my top 10

Thank you!

wow This is a great game , but this game keep lagging everytime I play in android, anyone knows why? :( it is because my device? I played in 3gb ram phone, what's make this game keep lagging? maybe developer/someone can help me for this problem?

Can I update my game without downloading the entire game again?


No sorry, you will need to download each new build as it releases.


Damnit, I agree with the message of one of the patreons. This is a porn game, we demand great complex character builds and I'm happy to say that this game absolutely delivers it and not to mention the dev's efforts to make the game feel lively with animations almost everywhere. All and all good stuff and would love to see more in the future!

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man, i need to get a better pc/laptop. my 6-7 year old thinkpad drops the framerate like hell when i play this.


Game crashes everytime i try to build rooms for hotel.


Im gonna say that this porn game is one of the best I've play, the hotel, the character, everything of this is great. I have a questions that I would like you answer:

1: When the game is complete, when will be the release date to play the full game? 

2: I have to install all the updates or only the one that is more complete? for example the v.16. 

They are only two i would like them to answer, sorry for my bad enligsh. im very excited to play the game! best regards. 


Hi there,

Thanks for your kind words! We're happy your enjoyed the game :)

1. We don't have a confirmed release date yet, but we are hoping to have the game ready for release some time in 2022.

2. You will only need to download the latest/more complete build. (e.g. right now, that is v0.16.1)

Hope that answers your questions okay! 

And your English is good :)

¡Thank you very much for the goods answers!


This is an AWESOME game.It's the best hentai game i have ever played and i like this game a lot.Please keep going like this and i hope there is a lot more content ahead.And this game is very enjoyable and i can't wait to play ahead with more content.I hope u guys will release the next update with more interesting things.And i hope u guys will release more games like this in future.


Excellent game. The one note that I have for development is to tighten up the dialog. There are a LOT of time you have to click through the character's dialog that "...", and with the 3D models that slows the dialog down a lot. Also, try to cut down on the number of super short pieces of click through dialog for the same reason.

"Well...." click "We could..." click "Go blah blah blah."
should just be
"Well...We could...Go blah blah blah" click

The same effect in dialog is achieved without slowing down the pacing to an absolute crawl.


ok, this is the best hentai game I´ve ever played by far

Hello good, the first thing I am going to say that I loved the game is very entertaining, especially the part of the hotel, the other thing I was going to say is if there is a possibility that in the future it will have other languages such as Spanish or Portuguese or something of  that?

Hi there,

We're glad you enjoyed the game!

We do plan on translating the game into multiple languages (including Spanish and Portuguese) in the future.

However, as the content is still being created and prone to being changed, we have yet to figure out the best time to add translations.

We will be sure to make an announcement when we that day comes! :)

Hope this helps!

Deleted 1 year ago
This may be the best dating simulator ever made, please if there is any chance to put this game on Steam, put it, I'll pay whatever

Hi there,

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed the game :)

We do intend to put Quickie: A Love Hotel Story on Steam in the future! Though, it may be some time before you'll see us there.

Wow! What a wonderful new. I don't mind waiting, when it takes longer, more work on the game. When they put the sale on, they'll already have my money guaranteed. Good luck with the project, i will be supporting as i can <3
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